Contest rules

Contest rules:

Conest rules:

Any player who is taking part of a 1st Wing contest is subject to the folowing disclamer / rules.
If you paricipate to a contest you agree to these rules.

1) None fleet members:
1.1) None fleet members can only win op to a maximum of 1,000,000 Energy Credits (EC) per contest.
1.2) None fleet members cannot win any item(s) with a total cost of more than the in 1.1 maximum allotted.
1.3) If a none fleet member wins a contest with a prize of more than in 1.1 maximum allotted the price will be reduced to the in 1.1 maximum allotted.
1.4) Our definition of a none fleet member is: A person who is not officially part of the 1st Wing Armada.
1.5) A person who is not officialy part of the armada but hase a character or toon in the armada is still a none fleetmember.
1.6) If 1.5 is disputed by a player. The Armada Admitalty disides the status of that player.

2) Fleet member:
2.1) None contributing fleet members can only win up to a maximum of 5,000,000 EC per contest.
2.2) None contributing fleet members can not win any pize with a total cost/ammount of more then the in 2.1 maximium allotted.
2.3) If a none contributing fleet member wins a contest with a prize of more than then in 2.1 maximum allotted the prize will be reduced to the in 1.1 maximum allotted.
2.4) Our definition of a non contributing fleet member is a member of the Armada who has earnd less then 100,000 fleet points for the armada.

3) Organizer:
3.1) A organizer may disides that points 1 up to and inlucding 2.4 are not applyed for a individual or muliptle players.
3.2) If a organizer disides that 3.1 and is applyed its only for one contest, unless the organizer desideds other whise.
3.3) If the player(s) in 3.1 are excluded from the alloted maximum is/are dicided by the orginizer.
3.4) The organizer may exclude a person or persons form a contest. (e.g. Person won to manny contest, Person in not member or the armada, etc.)
3.5) If a Organizer says that no more argument / compaining is allouwed, the only way to go forward with a compaint is with an informal complaint followd by a formal complaint.
3.6) If a player keeps arguing / complaining after the Organizer hase ruled his word is final that player can / will be band for the rest of the contest / event or a set amount of time.

4) Informal protest:
4.1) The Organizer must be made aware of the protest befor the prize is handed out of the contest.
4.2) The in 4.1 pending protest can be made by PM and / or by mail (this may be a short message)
4.3) The protest in 4.2 is still an informal protest the player must still make a official formal protest (see 5)
4.4) If the Organizer is made aware of a protest after the prize is handed out, that protest is null and void, and no formal protest can be made any more.

!!!! Warning !!!!
Bogus formal protest won’t be taken lightly. Take a personal moment before proceeding to the next step, you have until 5.3 to make a formal protest.
It’s better to say sorry then to be sorry.

5) Formal Protest:
5.1) If a player makes a formal protest, that player must make that protest by mail to the leaders of the fleet your are in, or ask the event leader who to write to.
5.2) The in 5.1 objection must include your name / date / name of Organizer / a motivation on why one or more rules are in the wrong to you and if possible evidence.
5.3) A formal protest must be made within 2 days (48 hours) (advice: take that time to cooldown and write a good letter)
5.4) Any formal protest made after the 2 days (48 hours) will not be handled and ruled in favor of the Organizer.
5.5) Improperly motivated or improperly addressed objections will not be handled and ruled in favor of the Organizer.
5.6) Once a protest has been ruled, that decision will be final. There can be no appeal to the ruling if the outcome in unsatisfactory.
5.7) Repeatedly wrongful protest and/or disrespectful protest and / or conduct unbecoming, can / will result in an ban for the rest of the contests / events for or a set amount of time.
5.8) In extreme versions of 5.7 the player may even be excluded from participation of fleet contest / events for a undetermined amount of time.
5.9) The ruling on the protest is done by the Organizer and / or Armada Admiralty member(s) and is final.

v1.02 june 16nd 2016