Help for the armada

If your new to the game,
here is some information that wil help you.
In order for our fleet to grow we need you all to help us do so.
How to contribute to the fleet?
Step 1) Below the minimap, at the right you see an icon named "Your fleet". Left click on it.
Step 2) There will appeare 8 tabs. (have a look and see what they all do).
Tab 1) Overview;
Tab 2) Holdings;
Tab 3) News;
Tab 4) Events;
Tab 5) Roster;
Tab 6) Information;
Tab 7) Settings;
Tab 8) Armada;
Step 3) To contribute to a project you can select tabs "Holding" or tab "Armada"
Tab "Holding" is for contributing to the fleet your in only.
Tab "Armada" is for contributing to all fleets in the armada.
Step 4) Once you select an fleet you can choose between holdings in that fleet.
Step 5) Each holding may hold several projects. A project wil show you what recources it needs.
If you are in possetion of those recources contribure button wil be highligted.
A project that has a blue bar, that project is on cooldown.
Step 6) If you cant find a procet that needs the recouces you have over, try looking in an other fleet in the armada.
(see tab "Armada" for all fleets) And if you still cant find a project in the armada, don't worry, new projects will always be started.
Step 7) Once a project has finished a other project can be started, so there is always a need for your help. Why contribute to the fleet? If you contribute to the fleet, you earn fleet credits. When earnd enough credits you can request an promotion from your fleet leader.
Once you earn your 1st promotion, you earn the right to shop at our fleet stores and will be able to buy fleet ship. Tip: Your 1st promotion is the most important one because it opens up the stores. So keep an eye out for that one, and please don't put to much weight on the next promotion. For all fleets belonging to the 1st Wing Armada, the 1st promotion is at 100,000 Fleet credits earnd for the Armada.
Its possible that you have contributed over several fleets. Although you can see only the Fleet credits earn for contributing to the fleet your in, ALL fleet credits earnd for the Armada count for your 1st promotion.
So If you have earned your credits for a promotion but its divided over multiple fleets, it won't show on the duty roster.
You still are eligible for a promotion, but you need to inform you fleet leader. It might be help full for that fleet leader if you can inform him/her to what fleets you have contributed to mostly. If you have been given a promotion you can buy items at our holding stores.
The higher level your fleet is the better item that will become available Or if you are not in a high level fleet, you may request an invite to a higher level fleet in our armada. Mind you that besides very nice fleet equipment we also have fleet ships available.
With the right equipment and ship ANY captain (EVEN FREE TO PLAY captains) can become a great legendary captain. Tip: Don't overspend your contributions, keep some for your selves.
If you don't donate, that is no problem, your allowed to stay in the fleet, how ever:
a: The progress of the fleet's won't be as fast.
b: We won't promote you so you can't buy items at our fleet stores. So no fleet weapons, consoles, or ships for you. That's it over contributing to the fleet projects. If you still have a question, you can always ask in armada chat.
Have fun.

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