Star Wars: The Old Republic

welcome to the Force Wing Guild Info Page

We are a new Guild on Star Wars The Old Republic.
We have a guild stronghold on Yavin 4

We use some decoration so please donate what you can


the ranks


Rank 1: Pion

Rank 2: Padawan

Rank 3: Jedi

Rank 4: Master Jedi

Rank 5: Guild Master 

The first rank is everyone starts its called Pion its a rank with a probation period of 14 days.
The probation period is done so, someone cant come in and raid the guild bank the probation period is done after 14 days or sooner if we (guild leadership) notice you are active in helping playing flashpoint's with the guild members

The second rank is Padawan when you get to this rank you get access to the some of the guild bank tabs

The third rank is Jedi
you can get this rank you need to be active in the guild donating to the guild bank and helping people with questions in guild chat
if you have this rank you can get more stuff out of the guild bank

Ranks Four And Five
is reserved of the guild leadership
you get the rank if you show initiative ,help people
you need to be on discored

Click here to join our discord server 

double click on 10 Forward to talk to us and have some fun