Greetings, Peace and Long life,

Welcome to 1st Wing Armada.

First off a little history:
1st Wing Fleet saw 1st light at July the 23rd of 2015.
After a great start we dicided to creat our own armada.
On November 18 2015 the Armada whas established.
We grew from one fleet to serveral fleets: Security, Marines and Rangers.
We even started an Klingons fleet named: First Palace Guards. 
A Neverwinter Guild called 1St Wing Legion
and 2 guilds on Star Wars The Old Republic We welcome all type of players: New commers, Novice Players and Veteran Player every body is welcome. Were a global armada, our members come from all over the world, If your interested in other aspects of the armada. We have a Radio Station, Website (obviosly since your reading this...lol), Twitter, Facebook and Discord. If there is something you need an answer for, don't hesistate to use the armada chat ingame to ask, there are no stupid questions here except for the ones you have but won't asked. If you have any ideas, complaints.. or just need to chat about some aspect of the game, feel free to contact any admiral in game..it does not matter who, it is part of our open door policy that we have here. Were always looking for help in the admirality.
If you have some expirance in the game and want to help us bringing our fleet even to a higher level please contact any fleet leader. Thanks for joining our Force. See you in the stars.
Live Long and Prosper, Force Admiral Chuck